While milk may not be a fountain of youth, new research shows that seniors who were milk-loving children walk faster and are less likely to experience age-related balance issues than those who avoided dairy during their youth.

That’s according to a new study conducted by researchers at Bristol University in the United Kingdom. The findings, according to the Daily Mail, highlight the prolonged benefits of consuming dairy during childhood.

“This is the first study to show positive associations of childhood milk intake with physical performance in old age,” researchers said.

Researchers tracked down participants of a study completed in the 1930s, which analyzed the effect of diet and lifestyles on long-term health. Four hundred men and women who took part in the initial study as children were asked to complete tests to measure walking speeds and balance.

The results found that those seniors who consumed high amounts of milk as children walked 5 percent faster than those who opted against milk during their early years. They were also 25 percent less likely to develop balance problems.

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