The Dairy Council of Arizona/Arizona Milk Producers is asking prospective college students one question: Is your milk mustache worth the cash?

In their latest scholarship contest, the council hopes to inspire Arizona students to don their best milk mustaches and explain why and how dairy moves them for a chance to win up to $12,000 in scholarships.

Applicants are encouraged to be creative and have fun while showing their love for dairy.

“While college students are transitioning from youth to adulthood, it’s as important as ever for them to maintain a healthy diet. Dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese help give them energy for their busy schedules and late-night study sessions,” Colleen Bergum, industry relations manager for Arizona Milk Producers, told “This scholarship helps raise awareness of the importance of dairy among college students, many of whom are making independent decisions about their diet for the first time.”

Fifteen finalists will receive a pair of seats to the Fiesta Bowl football game in January, where the top three scholarship winners of the contest will be announced. Click here to learn more.

Last year’s winner, featured in the photo above, was Kylie Koerperich. Koerperich is now a freshman at Northern Arizona University studying speech-language sciences and technology. Read “Milk moustaches can net college scholarships.”