Before Margaret Thatcher, prime minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990, was the “Iron Lady,” she was the “milk snatcher.” That lesser-known nickname (although "Margaret Thatcher, milk snatcher" is hard to forget) from her political opponents and the press came as result of cuts she implemented as the U.K. education secretary. In order to balance the budget, she cut free milk for schoolchildren ages 7 to 11.

But next January, skim milk returns as a recommended part of the U.K. healthy eating standards. Children under age 5 already received milk for free, but the new rules will make milk available to all primary and secondary students at least once per day.

In the same revisions, sugary snacks and salt won’t be available to the students, and fruit juice portions will be limited to 150 mL per pupil.

Source: Western Morning News - UK