Wisconsin is best known for its cheese industry and snowy winters, and now officials in Milwaukee are combining the two to keep roads safe this winter.

This winter, crews across Milwaukee will mix cheese brine -- the liquid waste product left over in the cheese-making process -- with rock salt, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The hope is that the mixture will ease the long-term impacts on roads and environment.

The odoriferous combination has been used in Polk County, Wis., since 2009. In the first year, the city saved nearly $40,000 by using the cheese brine as a pre-wet agent to salt or a combination of salt and sand. Read more here.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Milwaukee Alderman Tony Zielinski believes that spreading cheese brine on the roads of America's Dairyland could be a boon for the environment and the municipal budget.

"We're able to take something that was a waste product and turn it into something that's useful," said Zielinski, who would like to see cheese brine used on slick roads in other urban centers if the Milwaukee test succeeds. "The idea is that the more we can reduce the salt, which we have to pay for, the less money it would cost and the better for our environment."

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