A deadly barn fire ripped through a dairy barn on a Minnesota farm last week, killing 55 of the 70-head dairy herd.

According to the Mille Lacs County (Minn.) Times, the fire erupted at a dairy in Bogus Brook Township, Minn., on Tuesday. Curt Hanenburg, the dairy’s owner, reports that the fire destroyed the barn and killed all but 15 of the 70 Holstein cows inside.

Hanenburg says a neighbor initially alerted him to the blaze, but despite their best efforts, many of the animals were killed.

“We ran out to the barn to try to let the cows out, but it was too full of smoke,” Hanenburg said. The milk cows were in tie stalls, and there were 10 dry cows in a barn portion in back that Hanenburg said he was able to get out to safety. As firefighters worked on the fire, he was able to get a small number of the milk cows out.

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Hanenburg’s dairy, originally built in 1912, was listed as Century Farm last year. After the fire, Hanenburg’s isn’t sure whether or not he will rebuild.