At least six people are sick after consuming raw dairy products from the Dennis Jaloszyski dairy farm near Cambridge, Minn.

Health officials warned consumers that laboratory tests have confirmed Campylobacter jejuni in three of the cases.  

Following the confirmation of the tests, inspectors with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture visited the farm to determine how many customers were buying the milk and to notify them of the outbreak. However, because the owner did not maintain such a list, officials issued a consumer advisory urging customers to stop drinking raw milk from the farm.

"We're concerned that people may be continuing to get sick after consuming products from this farm," Trisha Robinson, Minnesota foodborne illness epidemiologist, said in a news release.

"While we are very concerned about the illnesses associated with this farm, this also is about the inherent risk for foodborne illness from any raw milk consumption," Robinson added. "Drinking raw milk or eating products made from raw milk can expose you to a variety of pathogens that can result in anything from a few days of diarrhea to kidney failure and death. People need to think carefully about those risks before consuming raw dairy products from any source, and people need to know that the risks are especially high for young children."

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This is Minnesota’s second raw dairy outbreak in 2013. Twenty-five people were sickened with salmonellosis after eating raw Mexican-style cheese made with raw milk. Read more.