After receiving overwhelming bi-partisan support in both the Missouri state House and Senate, Governor Missouri Gov. vetos ag bills with dairy aidJeremiah Nixon vetoed Senate Bill 506 and House Bill 1326. While the bills aided veterinarians, livestock producers, and increased hauling weight limits for manure, the biggest punch may be to the dairy industry - which is now missing out on the Missouri Dairy Revitalization Act contain in S.B. 506.

The Revitalization Act was touted by the Missouri Dairy Association as landmark legislation which would have reimbursed dairies for 70% of their federal premium payment. It would have also established an 80-scholarship Missouri Dairy Scholars program with $5,000 awards for students attending colleges or universities within the state with a commitment to work in the agriculture industry. 

Senate Bill 506 passed 101-38 in the state house and 26-0 in the state senate. 

Referenced in a MDA release was the reason Governor Nixon gave for the veto - a provision moving regulation of white-tailed deer from the state’s Conservation Department to the Ag Department.

The state has 15 processing plants and imports 60% of their milk. 


Source: Missouri Dairy Association