Mike and Sully, the stars of Disney’s “Monsters, Inc.” and upcoming “Monsters University” movies, are sporting a new look for the latest ‘got milk?’ campaign – milk mustaches.

The campaign draws on the two furry stars as they go back to their college days. For the popular duo, milk doesn’t only encourage learning in the classroom but also fuels a day of "scaring."

The new ad is being released in advance of the “Monsters University” release on June 21 says, “Scare up some protein. Monster days start with milk at breakfast.”

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While Mike and Sully may be fictional characters, milk’s importance in college diets is not. Dairy's importance in college diets was confirmed this year in a study by the University of Illinois. The study found that college-age students who don’t consume at least three servings of dairy daily are three times more likely to develop metabolic syndrome than those who do. Read more here.