Earlier this year, Alaskan health officials warned that raw milk was at the center of a Campylobacter outbreak. Now, nearly three months later, officials have confirmed that the outbreak sickened 31 people across the Kenai Peninsula.

Among those sickened was an infant.

According to a health bulletin released by the State of Alaska Epidemiology, the ages of those sickened in the outbreak – whether by direct consumption or secondary exposure – ranged from 7 months to 72 years. The median age was 10 years.

Four of the cases – three children and one adult – developed reactive arthritis, a painful form in inflammatory arthritis, as a result of the illness. Reactive arthritis can persist for months.

The investigation concluded that the raw milk was obtained through a cow-share program in the area.   

This case marks the second Campylobacter outbreak associated with raw milk from a cow-share operation since 2011. Read the full report here.