The members of California Dairy Leaders Class X have been announced. The highly regarded year-long leadership training program encompasses marketing, promotion and media relations, state and federal legislative processes, dairy producer prices and economics, and the full gamut of environmental issues.

The program’s material will be covered in five multi-day sessions, including trips to the state and national capitols to personally meet with California legislators, ag committee leaders, agency representatives, and regulators.

The group’s first session on marketing and media training will be held May 24-26 in South San Francisco. Western United Dairymen began the program in 2002 to develop informed producers who will take leadership roles in the next generation of the state’s dairy organizations. The current 20-member WUD board includes seven graduates of the dairy leaders program.

California Dairy Leaders Class X members are:

  • Annie AcMoody, Western United Dairymen
  • Jonathan Lawrence, Manuel & Alda Lawrence Dairy, Hanford
  • Manny Machado, Machado Farms, Madera
  • Brian Medeiros, Medeiros & Son Dairy, Hanford
  • Justin Mendes, E.F. Mendes & Son Dairy, Riverdale
  • Darrin Monteiro, Monteiro Bros Dairy, Inc., Riverdale
  • Brian Schouten, John & Margie Oostdam Dairy, San Jacinto

WUD is a voluntary membership organization representing more than 60% of the milk produced in California. Membership benefits include resources in labor law, environmental regulations and pricing issues. Members decide the direction of state and federal legislative efforts affecting the dairy industry.