Baraboo, Wis.– Accelerated Genetics releases 13 new bulls through its Progressive Action Through Cooperative Efforts (PACE) program.  These young Holstein, Jersey and Brown Swiss sires are the top new genetics available to customers.  Semen from these bulls are allocated to dairy producters participating in the PACE program randomly throughout the country.

Holstein Sires:

014HO06612 Dyecrest Cassino Saxon blends something new with something old in a tremendously balanced genetics package.  His sire is Cassino, a high genomic Ramos son and his dam is a high producing Oman daughter.  She is classified Very Good-85 and has completed her top record at 33,450M, 3.9%F, 1317F, 3.2%P, 1077P.  The maternal granddam is a Very Good-88 Teamster daughter with a pair of records over 30,000M.  The 3rd dam is Very Good with five lactations and lifetime totals over 191,000M.  014HO06612 Saxon is from Dyecrest Dairy, Fort Collings, Co.

014HO06636 Ran-Rose Planet Koyote-TW is a high genomic Planet son with extreme values for PTAM, Net Merit, TPI, PTAT and UDC.  His sire, Planet, is currently the No. 1 TPI sire in the breed.  The dam of Koyote is a Very Good-87 Shottle daughter with two lactations over 27,000M and 1000F.  His maternal granddam is an EX-90 EX-MS BW Marshall daughter that has records over 30,000M and 1100F and a lifetime production over 100,000M.  He is bred by Randall Geiger, Reedsville, Wis.

014HO06648 Cloveredge Oman Squared-ET is sired by Man-O-Man, arguably O Man’s best son and his dam is arguable one of O Man’s best daughters.  His dam was high producing, in 365 days during her 3rd lactation she produced 43,570M, 2.6%F, 1132F, 2.9%P, 1245P.  The next dam was a Very Good-87 Rudolph with 142,570M lifetime and four records over 1000F.  Squared has very favorable calving traits being a 6% SCE sire.  Holschbach Cloveredge Farms, Manitowoc, Wis., bred this exciting young sire.

014HO06653 Opsal-P Roumare Bovec-ET is a unique outcross son that is not closely related to O Man, Shottle, Planet or Goldwyn.  He is a Roumare son, the Jocko son that is a 2nd crop sensation in France, now with over 11,000 daughters in his evaluation.  Bovec’s dam is a Very Good-85 Toystory daughter with 30,990M, 3.7%F, 1151F, 3.1%P, 973P in her first lactation.  His maternal granddam is a Very Good-88 DOM Lancelot with 38,710M, 3.8%F, 1485F, 3.0%P, 1158P and is closing in on 150,000M lifetime.  For a unique pedigree, turn to 014HO06653 Bovec from Ken Pfaff & Mike Hellenbrand, Rochester, Minn.

014HO06656 Crave Champ Sterling-ET is a Champ son bred to be a commerical producer’s dream sire as he is extremely high in Net Merit while being moderate in body size.  His dam is a Very Good-85 O Man daughter with 37,260M, 3.1%F, 1150F, 2.8%P, 1060P and has a full brother in the Top 100 TPI list.  Sterling’s second dam is an EX-90 GMD DOM BW Marshall daughter with four records over 34,000M and 1200F, she also produced over 182,000 lifetime.  His genomic evaluation shows extremely low SCE (4%) and low DCE (5%), plus extremely low stillbirth traits.  014HO06656 Sterling was bred by Crave Brothers Farm, LLC, Waterloo, Wis.

014HO06665 Rocher Ster Dancer-Red is polled and red all in one package with superb genomic values for components, Net Merit, health traits, type and TPI.  He is sired by a young sire, Adros Sterling-ET, a Mr Burns son with an impressive genomic evalutaion for type and components.  Dancer’s dam is a Good Plus-83 Lawn Boy daughter with an incredible first lactation of 31,790M, 3.8%F, 1219F, 3.4%P, 1070P.  The next dam is a Very Good-85 Paradox daughter with 42,510M, 4.7%F, 1990F, 3.2%P, 1350P.  With +2009GTPI, plus polled, plus red and white this sire has unlimited potential.   He is from Roger and Cherly Arn, New Glarus, Wis.

014HO06671 Brusky Freddie Benson-ET is a high Net Merit sire with tremendous health traits.  His sire is Freddie, the high Net Merit O Man son that is high ranked in the health trait area.  Benson’s dam is a Very  Good-88 DOM Ramos with an Excellent mammory system and in the midst of her forth lactation at 333 days she has 29,507M, 3.5%F, 1038F, 3.1%P, 907P.   The maternal granddam is a Mr Ships daughter with over 165,000M lifetime.  014HO06671 was bred by Patrick Brusky, Pulaski, Wis.

014HO06672 Michigan King Koopa 944-ET adds a unique taste to the PACE program being free of O Man, Planet, Shottle and Goldwyn in his pedigree.  He is sired by Browser, the popular Jet Stream son from the GeneForce program.  His dam is a Good Plus-83 Mascol with a Very Good mammary system, she is fresh for the second time and currently milking 119 pounds per day.  The granddam is a Very Good-88 Teamster daughter with a lifetime total exceeding 125,000M.  Koopa is a character that can deal your herd a good result in the genomics race and is from Michigan State University, East Lansing, Mich.

014HO06678 Roylane Champ Clay 4244-ET is an exciting addition to the PACE program with high production, type, health and high total perforamce ratings.  His sire is former PACE graduate, Champ, the Champion son know for high milk and longevity.  Clay’s dam is a Very Good O Man daughter ranked high genomically with a top record over 36,000M, 1600F and 1200P.  The next dam is an Excellent Manat with two records exceeding 33,000M, 1300F and 1050P.  014HO06678 was bred by Roylane Holsteins, Warden, Wash.

014HO06693 Bomaz Notary 1099-ET is an extremely high Net Merit sire with moderate body size and superb health and calving traits.  He is sired by Bomaz Notable-ET a genomic-tested young sire with a unique pedigree, being a Jardin son from a Lookout dam.  His dam is a Very Good-86 O Man with 42,030F, 4.6%F, 1947F, 3.2%P, 1343P in her fourth lactation and has lifetime produciton over 135,000M.  The second dam is an Exellent-90 Stormatic daughter with 44,390M, 3.7%F, 1645F, 2.9%P, 1266P and 187,000M lifetime.  He is bred by Bomaz, Inc., Hammond, Wis.

014HO06696 One-O-One Jeeves Lofty-ET is an uplifting genetic source bred for components and extreme health traits for a reliable maternal line.  His sire, Jeeves is one of the highest sires above 94% reliability and he sires outstanding health traits and type.  His dam is a Very Good-88 Goldwyn daughter whos most recent record is over 30,000M.  The grandam is a Very Good-87 GMD Manfred with a string of elite production records and lifetime totals of 165,180M, 5393F, 4823P.  014HO06696 Lofty can bring balance and future profitability to your herd and is from Myron Bonzo, Rochester, Penn.

Jersey Sire:

014JE00565 O.F. Louie Kyran can be best described by high milk with good health traits and shallow udders.  He is sired by PACE graduated Louie, the undisputed leader in JPI at +209.  His dam is a Very Good-84 1st crop daughter of another PACE graduate Campbell who produced 19,600M, 4.6%F, 906F, 3.6%P, 705P at 2-10 in her second lactation.  The next three dams are all Very Good with quality production records.  Owen Farms, Inc., Frederic, Wis., bred 014JE00565 Kyran.

Brown Swiss Sire:

014BS00358 Reads Driver Kannon *TM is an exciting addition to the PACE program with high components, outstanding udders and correct feet and legs all from a different sire stacked pedigree.  Kannon is sired by Driver, the high ranking PBR sire known for supplying high components and great udders from an outcross pedigree.  His dam is a Very Good uddered daughter of an Energy son from Vigor’s full sister.  For high production and long lasting trouble free cows that have good udders and feet and legs look to 014BS00358 Kannon bred by Roger and Lori Read.

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