Preliminary USDA milk production data indicates New York edged out Idaho as the No. 3 milk-producing state in 2013, behind California and Wisconsin.

Based on preliminary quarterly estimates released Jan. 23, New York produced 13.487 billion lbs. of milk in 2013, compared to 13.430 billion lbs. in Idaho.

Compared to December 2012, Idaho cow numbers were down 15,000, to 565,000 head. New York cow numbers were up 3,000 over the same period, to 613,000 head.

The remaining states in the “Top 10” were unchanged: 5) Pennsylvania; 6) Texas; 7) Minnesota; 8) Michigan; 9) New Mexico; and 10) Washington.

USDA will update 2013 milk production estimates in the next monthly Milk Production report, to be released Feb. 20.

The 2013 estimates are complicated somewhat by last year's budget sequestration, which reduced available data for monthly Milk Production reports for several months.