New York reigned supreme at the National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisc.  Team members Andrew Reynolds, Cassandra Sapp, Emma Andrew, and Meghan Vaill led the team to the top in overall placings and oral reasons.  The New York team was coached by Douglas Waterman.  Placing second by a mere one point was the team from Pennsylvania and three points behind them was Wisconsin.  Andrew Kern of Minnesota was the high individual overall and Katelyn Horning of Michigan placed first in oral reasons.  Twenty-nine teams from around the country competed in the dairy cattle evaluation contest judging 10 classes, and giving oral reasons on five classes.  Results are as follows:

Top 10 Teams Overall

  1. New York, 1981, coached by Douglas Waterman
    Team members: Andrew Reynolds, Cassandra Sapp, Emma Andrew, Meghan Vaill
  2. Pennsylvania, 1980, coached by Chad Dechow
    Team members: Amber Gabel, Chad Horst, Michael Rush, Jaylene Lesher
  3. Wisconsin, 1977, coached by Chad Ryan
    Team members: Nicholas Schuster, Austen Schmidt, Derrek Kamphuis, Mathew O’Leary
  4. Maryland, 1936,  coached by Brian Schnebly- Kiera Finucane
    Team members: Elizabeth Davis, Ryan Zimmerman, Maggie Buckmeier, Lizzie Davis
  5. Michigan, 1925, coached by Joe Domecq
    Team members: Carmen Zwemmer, Garrett Slavik, Katelyn Horning, Casei Hart
  6. Minnesota, 1923, coached by Ken Kern-Randy Paulson
    Team members: Andrew Kern, Kelsey Mussman, Travis Thamert
  7. Virginia, 1896, coached by Matt Nuckols
    Team members: Emma Reeves, Brett Alvis, Victoria Mischler, Lindsey Heizer
  8. Ohio, 1885, coached by Bonnie Ayars
    Team members: Eileen Gress, Dan Grim, Lara Staples, Rachel Townsley
  9. Illinois, 1880, coached by David Fischer
    Team members: Dylan Reed, Samantha Ropp, Erik Sheppleman, Sarah Sheehan
  10. California, 1874, coached by Kim Jones
    Team members: Francesca Gambonin, Jessie Jones, Regina Pozzi

 Top 10 Individuals Overall:

  1. Andrew Kern, 679, Minnesota
  2. Austen Schmidt, 673, Wisconsin
  3. Andrew Reynolds, 671, New York
  4. Nicholas Schuster, 667, Wisconsin
  5. Michael Rush, 666, Pennsylvania
  6. Emma Andrew, 665, New York
  7. Samantha Ropp, 660, Illinois
  8. Amber Gabel, 660, Pennsylvania
  9. Mitchell Gilpin, 660, Texas
  10. Katelyn Horning, 655, Michigan

Top 10 Team Reasons:

  1. New York, 673, coached by Douglas Waterman
  2. Wisconsin, 663, coached by Chad Ryan
  3. Michigan, 654, coached by Joe Domecq
  4. Pennsylvania, 651, coached by Chad Dechow
  5. Maryland, 647, coached by Brian Schnebly- Kiera Finucane
  6. Minnesota, 639, coached by Ken Kern-Randy Paulson
  7. Kentucky, 638, coached by Tucker-Baird
  8. Ohio, 636, coached by Bonnie Ayars
  9. Indiana, 622, coached by Cindy Achen
  10. California, 617, coached by Kim Jones

Top 10 Individual Reasons:

  1. Katelyn Horning, 234, Michigan
  2. Cassandra Sapp, 228, New York
  3. Nicholas Schuster, 226, Wisconsin
  4. Emma Andrew, 226, New York
  5. Elizabeth Davis, 226, Maryland
  6. Austen Schmidt, 225, Wisconsin
  7. Andrew Kern, 224, Minnesota
  8. Jessie Jones, 221, California
  9. Katherine Wolf, 221, West Virginia
  10. Lizzie Davis, 221, Maryland

Generous support from sponsors makes the 90th National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest possible. In 201l, sponsors include: Accelerated Genetics, American Guernsey Association, American Jersey Cattle Association, American Livestock Insurance Company, Inc., Ayrshire Breeders Association, Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders Association, Hoard's Dairyman, Holstein Association USA, International Protein Sires, Kuhn North America, Inc., Lakeshore Federated Dairy Cooperative, Land of Living, Land O'Lakes Feed, Maryland Brown Swiss Association, Merrick Animal Nutrition, Inc., Mrs. Judy Majeskie, Nasco, National Dairy Shrine, NuPulse, Inc., Orion Energy Systems, Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin, Sexing Technologies, The Hartford Livestock Department, University of Wisconsin-Madison Dairy Science Dickson Fund, US Feeds, Westway Feed Products and World Dairy Expo.

Source: World Dairy Expo