New York state officials, lawmakers, dairy producers and yogurt manufacturers are gathering to determine how the state’s dairy industry can match yogurt manufacturers’ needs.

The inaugural New York State Yogurt Summit was announced in early August by Gov. Andrew Cuomo who wants to prevent growing yogurt manufacturers from seeking milk in other states. New York dairies are currently unable to match needed milk supplies of the 49 yogurt plants in the state.

The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports Chobani Greek Yogurt is expanding in Idaho where more milk supplies are available.

Cuomo hopes the state government can grow New York dairy production to fuel those yogurt plants. One solution involves growing dairies with less than 200 cows who are hesitant to expand because of the Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations permits which New York Farm Bureau President Dean Norton says can cost between $50,000 and $150,000.

Another challenge facing dairy producers is to limit environmental impact as they add more cows.

Watch the Yogurt Summit live.