If you’re tired of guessing when cows are in labor, and have a cellphone, a new technology out of France might be for you. The Vel’ phone, now making its way onto Canadian dairy farms, alerts farmers when labor has started trough a vaginal thermometer.

The thermometer, with 4,000 already sold in Europe, can be inserted between 8 days and 2 hours before calving. It will send daily text updates to your phone, and two additional phones if you so choose. The company believes that when temperature drops below 37.8° Celsius (100.04° F) for more than two hours, birth is imminent. Farmers receive a text that calving is expected within 48 hours, giving farmers time to move the cow to a calving pen.

Kits for the Vel’ Phone include 5 to 50 thermometers, an applicator, and two nets for cleaning, but a radio base to collect the data must also be purchased. The base has a range of 200 meters unless interference in the barn causes obstructions. The new product is made by Medria.

Source: Modern Agriculture Magazine