With the cultural and technological landscape of today's rapidly changing dairy operations, producers must effectively educate, train and communicate across a diverse workforce to ensure maximum efficiency.

To aid with this challenge, SDSU Extension has developed a set of Agricultural Human Resource Management Training Modules targeting dairy producers.

"From defining standard operating procedures, to communicating with Hispanic workers, these interactive modules are designed to expand the skillsets of producers, employees and the dairy support industries to help ensure the continued success of your dairy operation," said Tracey Erickson, SDSU Extension Dairy Field Specialist. '

Erickson helped developed the web-based modules which include short training videos with corresponding tests. 

To learn more, or view the web-based, interactive video training modules, visit the article in the Dairy Community page

The first two modules are:

Module 1: Employing and Managing Hispanic Labor

Module 2: Milking Protocol Defined Via Standard Operating Procedures