A North Carolina dairy is in hot water with the state’s Division of Water Quality after inspectors cited the farm for allegedly discharging animal waste into a nearby river.

According to Times-News Online, inspectors reported that Taproot Dairy Farm discharged about 11,000 gallons of waste in one hour during the investigation. Investigators noted that waste flowed from a manure pond into a nearby ditch before draining into the river.

This is not the first time that the dairy has been cited by state officials. Violations from 2006 to 2010 reportedly include failure to maintain operator’s certification, failure to provide records, failure to renew permit and failure to collect soil analyses and waste analyses. Read more from Times-News Online here.

A 2001 article by the National Association of County Agricultural Agents called Taproot Dairy “one of North Carolina’s finest dairies.”  At that time, the third-generation dairy was milking more than 1,000 Holsteins.