Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin is providing new ideas, solutions, and resources for feeding challenges at the Dairy Feed & Nutrition Conference. The conference will be hosted in two locations next week:

Tuesday, Oct. 22
9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Millhome Supper Club Center
16524 Lax Chapel Road
Kiel, Wis.

    Wednesday, Oct. 23
   9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 
   Sleep Inn & Suites Conference
   5872 33rd Avenue
   Eau Claire, Wis.

This all-day conference at both locations will include four expert lecturers: Mike Hutjens, Randy Shaver, Mark Hagedorn and Milo Wiltbanks. There will also be a producer panel including Doug Block, Hunter Haven Farm, Pearl City, Ill., and Jeremy Natzke, Wayside Dairy Farm, Inc. of Greenleaf, Wis.

This conference will cover multiple aspects of dairy feed and nutrition.

In the morning session, Hutjens will discuss important feeding strategies going into the winter; offering multiple alternatives and strategies for utilizing forage inventories. Later, Shaver will look at the major impacts carbohydrates have on dairy cattle's lactation performance.

He will explore fiber and non-fiber carbohydrates with an emphasis on starch and its digestibility.

In the afternoon session, Hagedorn will elaborate on the Intuitive Cost of Production Analysis (ICPA) model and its ability to sort herd replacement enterprise cost from lactating cow cost.

Next, Wiltbanks will stress the important link between nutrition and reproduction in cows and will summarize how high feed intake can impact reproduction.

Hutjens and producer panelist Doug Block and Jeremy Natzke will discuss feeding the 40,000-pound cow and will share feed programs, milk components, on-farm tools and many other management factors used to achieve high production.

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