Raw milk from a dairy in southeast Pennsylvania is at the center of a warning issued this week by the Chester County Health Department.

According to county health officials, raw milk from Kimberton Farms Dairy and distributed by Kimberton Whole Foods has sickened people with “severe gastro enteric symptoms.” They strongly suggest that consumers discard raw milk from the dairy, which is also known as Camp Hill Village or Kimberton Hills.   

Officials have yet to identify the specific pathogen suspected in the illness or specified the number of sickened consumers. The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Pennsylvania Department of Health, and neighboring County Health Departments are now working with Chester County health officials to further investigate the contamination.

Read the full release here.

According to the dairy’s website, the dairy is organically certified and uses a crew of up to 10 workers, including local residents and service volunteers, to maintain a herd of Brown Swiss and Milking Short Horns.

Raw milk was the focus of another media frenzy in November after dairy experts with Purdue University rleased a report addressing 18 common questions about pasteruized and unpasteruized milk, including the increased of illnesses associated with raw milk. Read, "Raw milk: Separating fact from fiction."