Governor Tom Corbett today ceremonially signed House Bill 1424, making PA Preferred the official branding program of agricultural commodities produced in Pennsylvania.

"Pennsylvania is home to an abundant and diverse food supply," Corbett said during an event at the Giant Food Store in Camp Hill, Cumberland County. "Buying PA Preferred products helps support farmers and local businesses that work to produce quality products, while making investments in local economies and keeping Pennsylvania growing. PA Preferred makes a difference."

The PA Preferred program identifies agricultural products grown and processed in Pennsylvania to consumers and major retail, wholesale and distribution chains interested in supporting local farmers and businesses.

The program's trademark is a gold checkmark inside a blue keystone that can be found on products year-round at farmers markets, restaurants, food processors, grocery stores, craft breweries and wineries. Many shoppers today are focused on buying "local" and this trademark helps those shoppers easily identify when they are selecting Pennsylvania-made products.

"Buying 'local' and eating fresh is good for our families and good for our communities," said Corbett. "The PA Preferred trademark tells shoppers they're getting the best and they're getting it fresh, and this new law demonstrates our ongoing commitment to Pennsylvania's agriculture industry."

The new law requires the state Department of Agriculture to acquire, register, license, protect and promote the PA Preferred brand for use in the sale and promotion of Pennsylvania-produced products.

The governor thanked Rep. Stephen Bloom (R-Cumberland), prime sponsor of the bill, and Sen. Elder Vogel Jr. (R-Allegheny), chairman of the Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee, for their work on this legislation.

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Source: Pennsylvania Office of the Governor