Nobody’s crying about the milk spilled to make a racy ad campaign for featuring models wearing milk and little else. And for fairlife LLC, the companyhope that it willgrab the public’s attention.

According to fairlife, the campaign hopes to introduce its milk to consumers. Fairlife’s purly nutrition milk has 50 percent more natural protein and calcium with half of the sugars of ordinary milk.

"Consumers are looking for better quality, great tasting nutrition that comes from the highest quality milk," said Steve Jones, chief executive officer of fairlife, LLC. "With fairlife, we're bringing them a delicious and more nutritious milk than anything in the market with a breakthrough campaign that shows how sexy vitality can be.  And since fairlife milk comes from family-owned farms committed to quality, sustainability and animal comfort, consumers can feel good about the source too.  We call it our from grass to glass® promise."

The ads for fairlife feature three women wearing dresses made of milk. Click here to see more of the ads.

Currently, fairlife’s milk is only available in the Minnesota but will soon be popping up in other markets across the country within the next few months.

Fairlife was founded in 2012 by Select Milk Producers, a co-op of 92 family-owned fairies and joines sister brand Core Power.

Click here to read the press release or to learn more about fairlife.

The pinups used in the campaign were taken by London-based artist Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz, who used high-speed photography to turn milk into outfits. Read more from ABC News.