The premier of a new PBS show, “Delicious Discoveries with Daniella Malfitano,” kicked off with a trip to an Orland, Calif., dairy where Malfitano took viewers straight to the source of the her featured dish of the episode, according to a report from the Corning Observer.  

At the Pedrozo Cheese and Dairy Company, Malfitano walked her audience through the complete process of making cheese, including milking cows. The crew was able to capture a newborn calf just a few minutes old.

“She was very hands-on, not afraid to try anything and liked the experience of being on the farm,” Owner Tim Pedrozo said. “It is fun to work with someone who is not afraid of the dairy or the animals.”

From there the crew toured the company’s cheese factory.  Some of the cheese manufactured by Pedrozo was used to make Malfitano’s cheesy chicken broccoli Fusilli pasta dash.

According to Malfitano, each of the show’s 26 episodes will bring something new to viewers by taking them “literally from the source to the main course.”

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