Young boy holding up a glass of milk like making a toast.
Young boy holding up a glass of milk like making a toast.

The Dairy Council of California recently published an infographic called “Wondrous Secrets of Milk” to reveal hidden benefits of dairy products, and it’s no surprise to us that dairy has great effects on our bodies.

Dairy has health benefits for all ages. Children need the nutrients in milk and other dairy products to grow strong bones and provide the framework for a healthy lifestyle. Studies show that teenagers, especially teenage girls, enjoy a lower BMI and less body fat than their milk-abstaining peers. College students and young adults can lower their risk of developing metabolic syndrome by including dairy in their diets.

All dairy products contain an abundance of the vital mineral calcium. Diets high in calcium help prevent kidney stones, osteoporosis and colon cancer, the third most common cancer in the United States.

Athletes should replace sweet workout drinks with a glass of milk. Chocolate milk is considered the best post-workout food, because it contains high amounts of carbohydrates and whey protein for muscle growth.

While it’s good to remove excess sugar from your diet, you don’t need to worry about the sugar in milk. The sugar content on the nutrition facts is from lactose, and it’s all natural.

In fact, recent studies suggest that low-fat dairy products actually decrease the risk of developing type-2 diabetes. Milk contains many important nutrients—including vitamin D, calcium and whey—that assist in sugar metabolism.

With many Americans not getting the recommended three servings of dairy per day, it’s important to review the benefits of milk for the body. Most of the milk in grocery stores ships from the farm to the shelf in just two days. The fresh taste is only 25 cents per serving, making milk good for both your body and your budget.

As we celebrate National Dairy Month, let’s raise our glasses of milk to the wondrous benefits of dairy.

View Dairy Council of California’s infographic here.