A Montana bill fell one vote short of passing the state’s Senate, meaning that raw milk sales will remain illegal in the state. 

The Montana House passed House Bill 574 last month, but changes made to the bill by the Senate Agriculture Committee further restricted raw milk sales.

Among the many changes, the Senate’s bill would have made dairies selling raw milk to meet the “Grade A” standards of larger diaries and required consumers buying milk from a small herd to participate in an animal-share program., according to the Billings (Mont.) Gazette.

 Even the bill’s original supporters wanted it defeated after the Senate’s changes were added.

The Senate initially killed the measure on Wednesday but voted on Thursday to reconsider the bill. However, after the second vote, the Senate came up one vote short to advance the bill. Click here to read more.

Not everyone in the state backed the bill. Many of the state’s dairy industry were outspoken opponents to it, including Jeff Lewis, owner of the MuJuice Dairy near Corvallis, Mont.

“We have a dairy industry in the state of Montana, and it’s something that we all bust our butts to make a living at,” dairy farmer Jeff Lewis told the Missoulian. “The biggest issue I see with the bill is it would completely undermine the dairy industry. It doesn’t put us on an even playing field.”

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