A story posted on CNN.com on earlier this week named raw milk, along with raw sprouts and raw oysters from the Gulf of Mexico, as three foods so risky that you should avoid them altogether.

Fans of raw milk are sure to be upset, and indeed, reader comments at the end of the story offer plenty of ire toward “big business” and “big government” that are trying to ruin the public’s right to choose.

But author Kate Lowenstein presented a fair case for why raw milk — and the other foods listed — may create potential health issues. And she made special note that overall, Americans enjoy an extremely safe food supply.

“The special heating process we know as pasteurization is the only effective way of killing most, if not all, harmful bacteria -- which can include listeria, salmonella, and E. coli,” according to the report.

Additionally, the story notes, “Raw milk is responsible for nearly three times more hospitalizations than any other foodborne disease outbreak, says Hannah Gould, Ph.D., senior epidemiologist with the CDC's Enteric Diseases Epidemiology Branch.”

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