On Friday, Dairy Herd Network asked how you felt about the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments decision last week not to lower that national standard for somatic cell counts (SCC) to 400,000 cells per ml.

Apparently that decision didn’t sit well with many of you. By a nearly three-to-one margin, respondents to this non-scientific poll said that they did not support the choice to leave national standards where they are.

Seventy-four percent said they did not support the NCIMS action, while 26 percent said they supported the decision. Two percent of respondents said they were not sure.

Reader comments were considerably more pointed.

For instance, a Michigan reader (with support from a reader in Vermont) suggested that “The U.S. dairy industry has just lost an opportunity to shore-up our critical dairy product export market. Lowering the SCC maximum to 400,000 would have sent a strong message to our dairy export partners that the U.S. takes this market seriously.”

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