Successful businesses use research to meet changing consumer demands. The dairy industry uses innovative research promoted by National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Board (commonly referred to as the Milk Processor Education Program or MilkPEP), and other organizations to find new markets for their products. Milk has always been known as a good source of calcium and for helping to strengthen bones. However, recent studies have proven that there are other benefits of drinking milk.

Whether you are a college soccer player, a professional cyclist or just working out for better health, several studies have shown that drinking lowfat chocolate milk after a tough workout helps muscles recover and refuels the body for the next workout. The research has caught the attention of a new audience: athletes and adults looking for peak athletic performances. Whether they are training for a big race or preparing for the next weight lifting workout at the gym, lowfat chocolate milk is becoming a popular drink for adults.

Studies like this and their results are made possible with the help of MilkPEP and the National Dairy Research and Promotion Program (through the National Dairy Council — NDC). These are two research and promotion programs overseen by the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS). MilkPEP’s mission is to educate consumers about the benefits of drinking milk, and to bring the research and programming to life by promoting these products with popular marketing campaigns like the Milk Mustache. The NDC also strives to educate consumers about the benefits of consuming milk and dairy products. Through popular programs like Fuel Up to Play 60, the NDC gets children excited about eating healthy products and getting regular exercise.

As National Dairy Month comes to a close, we would like to thank dairy producers and processors for all that they do. We also thank the promotion organizations that help keep everyone informed about the benefits of consuming non-fat or low-fat dairy products. Whether you are drinking chocolate milk after a workout, or just cooling off with some yogurt on a hot day, milk and dairy products can be a part of a healthy diet.