MailOnline reports findings by Italian researchers shows lactose intolerance and other food allergies may be more psychological, affecting people dealing with stress, anxiety or depression.

Previous research concluded nine in 10 subjects who believed they had a food allergy were perfectly healthy. According to MailOnline, 20 percent of men and women claim to have a food allergy, preventing them from consuming foods ranging from dairy products to mustard, but fewer than 2 percent actually have a problem.

The latest study by Guido Basilico at the University of Milan tested more than 100 people who showed symptoms of lactose intolerance. The findings associated stomach pains with the participants mental state.

Dr. Basilico said most people who complained of digesting small amounts of dairy products were perfectly capable of digesting lactose. He added dairy products are an important source of calcium and anyone should think twice before cutting dairy from their diet.

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Source: The MailOnline