Penn State University researchers will be conducting a survey to identify causes of stillborn calves in dairy and beef herds in Pennsylvania. According to information in the December 2012 Penn State Dairy Digest, participating veterinarians and farmers are asked to submit deceased calves for testing within 6 hours of birth.

All stillborn calf submissions will have a comprehensive questionnaire completed addressing calving numbers, nutrition, management, and maternity practices for the farm and specific situation. Submitted calves will have complete necropsy with histopathologic assessment of key organs for evidence of disease. Microbiologic diagnostics addressing important pathogens (IBR, BVD, Leptospirosis, Neospora, Bacteriology) will be completed. Concentration of nine essential minerals and vitamins A and E also will be determined in liver samples submitted for nutritional analyses.

For more information on stillbirths and contact information for participating in this research project, click here.

Source: December 2012 Penn State Dairy Digest