Almost three months ago, we reported that two women were burned in a house fire, when Patricia Stiles rushed into the burning building to save her granddaughter, Reese Burdette.

Just days later, two dairy sales combined to raise $80,000 for the victims and their families, both well known in dairy breeding circles. Since that time, other sales and fundraisers helped, too, but the health and financial battles for the family continues.

Run for Reese

To help show financial and emotional support for the families, Rebecca Shaw, a Williamsburg, Penn., native whose interest in show cattle began with the Burdette family, is organizing the “Run for Reese” on September 6. Whether people are near or far, they can participate in the run by registering - $15 ahead of time, or $20 on race day.

The in-person race will start in Williamsburg, Penn., on the trail near the Mini Mart and Dick’s Pharmacy at 300 E 1st ST, Williamsburg, Penn., 16693.

“I first met the Burdette's when I bought one of my very first show calves from them (I couldn't resist getting in on the Pala family),” Shaw explained. “But they provide the dairy industry with so much more than just great genetics - they're incredible friends and fellow dairymen who have never been afraid to lend a helping hand to those in need. So now, it's my turn to help them!”

Today, over 90 people have registered on the Run’s Facebook page. If you would like to sponsor, you can still get your name on the race’s T-shirt by sending in a $50 donation by Saturday, August 30, to Rebecca.

“Reese is an incredible young girl,” Shaw said. “This is one tough fight, and she needs our help. This is more than raising money - this is bringing Reese to our thoughts and prayers, making sure that her laugh, smile and most importantly her health come back soon!”

Visit the Run for Reese Facebook page at:

Pre-Registration is $15, and $20 on race day.
DAY OF Registration: 8am
Race Starts: 9am
Location: Williamsburg PA

Or, email Rebecca Shaw at for more information.