As of Dec. 11, all raw milk sold to consumers in South Dakota will be required to carry a label warning consumers that unpasteurized milk can cause illness. These new labeling rules will also require the label to list the name of the dairy and the date of production.

State Secretary of Agriculture Lucas Lentsch announced the new regulations on Monday

According to Aberdeen (S.D.) News, South Dakota law allows citizens to request to delay a new rule by as much as 90 days. Lentsch reports that his office has seen dozens of requests though none have been received from state legislators.

“All of those requests for delay, I have not granted,” he said.

The rules come after months of hearings and committee reviews. The Legislature’s rules review committee cleared the rules on the second try after initially telling the department that more work was needed.

These changes are supported by state Health Secretary Doneen Hollingsworth and backed by Gov. Daugaard.

“To delay the rules puts public health and safety at the back of the line, and that never has been our intent,” Lentsch said.

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