South Dakota officials with the state’s Department of Agriculture (SDDA) have reported finding campylobacter bacteria in raw milk from a dairy near Belle Fourche, S.D.  he dairy, Black Hills Milk, has now been ordered to stop sales of its unpasteurized milk. 

Officials are advising consumers who have recently purchased raw milk from the dairy to discard or return the product. According to a news release from the SDDA, the milk was sold at a retail outlet in Spearfish, at Black Hills Farmers Market at Founder’s Park in Rapid City and other locations in the Black Hills.

The dairy may request to reinstate its permit after milk tests return negative for Campylobacter and passing an inspection of their milking and bottling facility. In a note posted on its Facebook page, the dairy said it had “just passed an inspection earlier in September of our milking and bottling facility.”

In a report by the Rapid City Journal, Darwin Kurtenbach of the South Dakota Department of Agriculture's Dairy Program noted that even a clean facility has the potential for pathogens.

"We're dealing with a raw product,” Kurtenbachsaid.  “There's a reason why Louie Pasteur invented pasteurization."

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