Hurricane Sandy blasted through New England in late October, killing 110 people and leaving more than one million without power.  Even now, more than a week later, thousands remain in the dark while clean-up continues.

One of those still without power include Peter Bast, owner of Bast Dairy in Green, New Jersey.

According to a report by the New Jersey Herald, Bast is keeping is dairy maintained and heated by a generator hooked up to a tractor. Blast must use 50 gallons of diesel fuel each day to keep his 85 cows warm, milk cooled and run his farm.

Bast has been luckier than other New Englanders in accessing fuel to keep the generator buzzing, but financing the $175 needed daily for fuel is making the disaster even costlier for the young dairyman.

If power isn’t restored by Sunday, Bast will have spent an extra $2,275 to fuel the generator.

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