A major development in animal care came last year when NMPF, along with the Center for Food Integrity and the U.S. pork industry, launched “See It? Stop It! Animal Care Starts with You.”

See It? Stop It!Under “See It, Stop It!” anyone working on a farm or in a farm setting who witnesses signs of animal abuse, neglect, mishandling or harm is obligated to report it immediately. The program provides several options for employees to speak up and stop abuse.

“See It, Stop It!” is based on the principle that giving caretakers responsibility to report animal abuse will assure the best animal care. It further demonstrates that farmers are committed to good animal care and fits in well with the National Dairy FARM Program.

Information about “See It, Stop It!” is available at www.SeeItStopIt.org. Included are posters for use in barns, training materials, guidance for integrating the program into animal well-being programs and an employer checklist.