Cookies and Cream rise to the top with Shatto Milk Co.’s newest addition to their innovative line of flavored milk.

The Missouri-based dairy announced this addition last week. Bottles of Cookies and Cream milk will make its permanent debut in dairy cases across the Kansas City metro area beginning Monday. Fans are already cheering the addition:

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good!!” one fan said on the dairy’s Facebook page.

“Sweet sweet sweet! Best news I've heard all day! Moo cow!” another added.

The flavor was one of seven special edition flavors released throughout 2013 as part of Shatto’s 10th anniversary celebration. Barbara Shatto explained Cookies and Cream as “a hit!”

“Customers all over the metro were calling the farm asking if we could extend its production another week,” Shatto said in a news release.

More than 2,000 people took part in the survey that asked which of the seven limited edition flavors they would like to see made permanent. It was a close race, and in the end, Cookie and Cream won over the most votes.

Other limited edition flavors released in 2013 include Birthday Cake, Blueberry, Chocolate Cherry, Mint Chocolate,  Apple Pie and Candy Corn.