The Department of Soil Science, in conjunction with University of Wisconsin-Extension, will conduct eight Soil, Water, and Nutrient Management meetings in December 2013. Each meeting will run from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. with lunch from noon to 1 p.m. 

The purpose of these meetings is to provide research updates in the field of soil, water, and nutrient management. Francisco Arriaga, Matt Ruark, Carrie Laboski, John Peters, and Sue Porter will present current information. 

All speakers may not be present at all meetings.

A $35 registration fee (which includes lunch) will be charged for the meeting. Certified Crop Adviser CEU credits (2 soil & water management and 2 in nutrient management) have been requested. 

Make reservations with the host agent at least one week before the meeting you wish to attend.

Discussion Topics and Speakers

  • Cover crop and fertilizer technology research update (Matt Ruark)
  • Nutrient management BMPs on tile-drained land (Matt Ruark)
  • Efficacy of aglime and pell lime in no-till and chisel systems (Carrie Laboski)
  • Minimizing nitrate loss from manure-amended sandy soils (Carrie Laboski)
  • Current topics in soil testing and nutrient management (John Peters)
  • Better and faster nutrient management planning: Version 2 (Sue Porter)
  • Tillage options for crop residue and soil compaction management (Francisco Arriaga)

 Click here for the full schedule or for more information.