Proposed safety regulations by the South Dakota Department of Agriculture have scaled back efforts to require a permit and safety testing for all raw milk produced in the state, regardless of whether it was for sale, given away or used within the family, according to Food Safety News.

After public outcry, updated regulations would consider raw milk “similar to produce from a home garden.”

Now these updated regulations would only apply to raw milk sold commercially.

“The primary objectives remain the same: to protect public health and to provide clarity for producers seeking to put bottled raw milk into the stream of commerce,” Courtney De La Rosa, South Dakota’s director of agricultural policy, said.

She adds that now the proposed rules “clearly state that individuals who consume raw milk from their own animals will not be affected by the proposed rules.”

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The Rapid City (S.D.) Journal adds that the state dairy regulators will meet on July 26 to hear addition public comments on the proposal.  Click here for more.