To close the loop on waste, Starbucks of Japan is now feeding spent coffee grounds to the cattle that make milk for their lattes. The process involves collecting the “coffee bean cakes” from Starbucks locations while those same trucks are dropping off supplies at the stores. The cakes are dried and fermented to be used for feed or fertilizer. The Urban Times reports that there’s no plans currently to expand the program outside Japan.

“The program gives us an opportunity to be part of an innovative solution in this particular community when it comes to recycling used coffee grounds” said a Starbucks spokesperson. “It has received two certifications for food recycling under the Law for Promotion of Recycling and Related Activities for the Treatment of Cyclical Food Resources, and is the first recycling loop ever certified in Japan where coffee grounds are recycled as feed and fertilizer. Customer feedback on the milk has been positive, and it meets the high standards we have for all Starbucks ingredients.”

Source: Urban Times