Last week multiple students in the Henrico County (Va.) school district were sent home with nausea-like symptoms after drinking spoiled Marva Maid milk.

The milk consumStudents sickened after drinking spoiled Marva Maid milked was within the expiration date which led the investigation to Henrico County Public Schools and Health Director Susan Fischer Davis who said, “I know that we haven’t identified any storage issues at the Henrico County Public Schools.”

After no refrigeration problems within the school district were discovered eyes turned to an internal investigation at Marva Maid Dairy. A spokesperson for the company said there was a valve issue at the Norfolk processing plant the day the milk-in-question was placed into the cartons.

Although the company was aware of the issue, they did not believe it was a big enough problem to recall the milk.

After the illnesses were linked to the milk, deliveries halted within the school district. They have now resumed to schools with the highest demand for milk.

More information on the case is said to be released early next week.

Source: ABC 8 News- WRIC