According to two studies from the University of Texas Research show chocolate milk is a better option to help the body refuel, rehydrate and recover following a workout than a carbohydrate drink or water.

Findings from the study were presented at the American College of Sports Medicine and 2nd World Congress. Electrolytes in low-fat chocolate milk enhanced exercise performance during a workout and carbohydrates and proteins in the milk supported muscle recovery following the workout.

Scientists evaluated participants as they completed an aerobic training program for an hour per day, five days a week for 4 ½ weeks. The study measure increased lean muscle and decreased body fat of the men and women drinking low-fat chocolate milk, a calorie and fat-matched carbohydrate beverage, or water.

The research was co-sponsored by the National Dairy Council and the Milk Processor Education Program.

Other studies with chocolate milk showed comparable results. Carbohydrate drinks and chocolate milk were better at restoring carbohydrate fuel in the muscle than water, but chocolate milk was better than the others in its ability to increase signals for muscle protein synthesis, which leads to the repair and rebuilding of muscle proteins.

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