It turns out that dairy – not just milk – really does do a body good. But, as a new study found, not all dairy is created equal in the fight against osteoporosis.

The study, completed by researchers at the Institute for Aging Research and published in the journal Archives of Osteoporosis, found an association between milk and yogurt consumption and high bone mineral density (BMD) in the hip. Research also indicated that cream, though higher in fat, may be associated with an overall lower BMD, though more research is needed.

"Dairy foods provide several important nutrients that are beneficial for bone health," the study’s lead author Shivani Sahni, said in a news release. "However, cream and its products such as ice cream have lower levels of these nutrients and have higher levels of fat and sugar. In this study, 2.5 to 3 servings of milk and yogurt intake per day were associated with better bone density. More research is needed to examine the role of cheese intake (some of which can be high in fat and sodium), and whether individual dairy foods have a significant impact in reducing fractures."

Last year, researchers at the University of South Australia found that dairy not only is a healthy option for both, but also could have saved Australia’s national health-care system $112 million annually and spared 40,000 men and women from the degenerative bone disease. Read more here.