There’s a new superfood in the fight for improved heart health – yogurt enriched with omega-3.

A new study recently published in the journal Clinical Nutrition shows that omega-3-fortified yogurt helps to keep hearts healthy

In the 10-week, double-blind study, volunteers were randomly assigned and provided a control yogurt with no added omega-3 nutrients or yogurt enriched with either 0.8 grams or 3 grams of omega-3. Participants continued their regiment for the duration of the study.

After examining blood samples taken at the beginning and end of the study, researchers concluded that omega-3 “enriched yogurt resulted in a reduction of cardiovascular risk factors and inflammatory mediators showing that daily consumption of [omega-3] enriched yogurt can be an effective way of supplementing the daily diet and improving cardiovascular health.”

Click here to read the full study from Clinical Nutrition.

This isn’t the first study to look at using dairy as a medium to provide consumers with a fish-free omega-3 supplement. In late 2012, research published in the Journal of Dairy Science showed that omega-3-rich fish oil can be incorporated into milk and other dairy-based beverages without affecting the drink’s taste or lifespan.  Read more here.