A new survey from Dr. Marin Bozic at the University of Minnesota will help us understand intentions and attitudes of the new Dairy Margin Protection Program (DMPP) being unveiled this fall through the new farm bill. Bozic developed the survey in partnership with a team of dairy economists from around the country to help us get a better grasp of risk management use for dairy producers. The short survey asks your previous experience with risk management products, and also your opinion on the forthcoming DMPP. 

Producers can finish the short 4-question survey in a matter of minutes. Those wanting the spend a little more time on the longer version of the survey will "play" a game of choices related to DMPP options. Those finishing the long survey are eligible for cash awards. 

The latter portion of the survey will take some time and thought, but also can be similar to a real life what-if scenario that you may enjoy thinking through.


To take the survey, visit the following link: Margin Protection Program Survey

From Dr. Bozic:

Margin Protection Program for Dairy Producers is the cornerstone of the new federal dairy safety net for US dairy producers. Would you like to know how many producers will sign up? Take this important survey today and help us find out the answer to that important question. How much do you know about MPP? Do you like it or dislike it? Do you plan to sign up? Take the survey today and let us know what you think!