Following an E. coli outbreak linked to raw milk from a Tennessee dairy, officials have cleared the dairy to continue distributing its raw milk.

According to WBIR News, officials with the Knox County, Tenn., Health Department said that health scare surrounding raw milk from the McBee Dairy near Mascot, Tenn., appears to be over. Recent samples from the dairy’s milk came back clean.

The investigation into the outbreak, which prompted a raid on the dairy, revealed that the E. coli contamination likely occurred in early October. Nine children were infected, and three developed complications that required hospitalization.

One child, a five-year-old, remains hospitalized on dialysis with hemolytic uremic syndrome. According to the family’s Facebook page, she has received five blood transfusions, and after less than two weeks of dialysis, doctors are confident that she will soon "turn the corner."

Officials urge that the outbreak doesn’t reveal a problem with the McBee Dairy. Instead, it was the inherent risks of consuming raw milk.

"Our investigation has not identified any specific problem with McBee Dairy Farm; it's just the nature of the raw milk industry," KCHD Director Dr. Martha Buchanan is a release. "Milk can be so easily contaminated given the proximity of the source of the milk and the source of the contamination, which is frequently fecal bacteria, that even with safety precautions in place at the dairy, there is no way to guarantee that raw milk is safe for consumption."

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