Antony, France…The Adisseo Group, one of the worldwide leaders in the animal nutrition additives, has just finalized the acquisition of 90% of Innov’ia shares.

With a consolidated turnover of 16 million Euros and 110 employees, Innov’ia is, with its subsidiaries, one of the European leaders in the design and toll manufacturing of powders and granules for the food and feed industry, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors.

Over the last 15 years, Adisseo and Innov’ia have successfully developed several partnerships related to animal nutrition additives. In 2008, Innov’ia set up the production unit of its subsidiary Innocaps on the industrial platform of Adisseo’s Commentry site (France).

“This acquisition perfectly fits with our external growth strategy, whose main targets are the continuous improvement of our products and services, as well as the acquisition of new technologies. It strengthens the Adisseo Group’s expertise in the formulation of additives, which is of added value for our customers," points out Jean­-Marc Dublanc, President of Adisseo.

"This alliance with the Adisseo Group, a long­standing partner, strengthens our existing collaboration in terms of research, development and industrial transfer," underlines Pierre Buisson, Chief Executive Officer of Innov’ia.

The objective of the Adisseo Group is to eventually accelerate Innov’ia’s growth on its different markets. To this extent, the management of this business will remain largely autonomous.

The Group has also announced that through its subsidiary Adisseo Holding, it has launched a voluntary repurchase offer for the Innov’ia shares that it still does not control. This offer, which will be open from September 27 to October 31, 2011, gives Innov’ia shareholders the opportunity to sell their shares at a price of €6.67 per share.

Innov’ia shares are currently listed on the Euronext Paris Marché Libre with the code ISIN FR0000185779.

If, at the end of the offer, and in accordance with article 4.2 of the Note d'Organisation du Marché Libre, the Adisseo Group has exceeded the threshold of 95% in the capital and voting rights of Innov’ia, it will request the delisting of the Innov’ia shares.

For further information, a notice specifying the terms of the transaction is available, on request in electronic version, from Adisseo and Exane BNP Paribas and can also be downloaded from Innov’ia’s website (www.innov­

About the Adisseo group:

Adisseo Group is the third largest manufacturer of animal nutritional solutions in the world. The Group develops, manufactures and markets four families of additives: Rhodimet®, an essential amino acid for monogastric animals (poultry, pigs, etc.); MetaSmart® and Smartamine®, a unique range of methionine products for ruminants; Rovabio®, a multi­enzyme specialty improving the digestibility of raw materials; and Microvit®, a whole range of vitamins. Moreover, with the acquisition of PS in 2007, Adisseo has reinforced its business in the field of sulfur products essential for the production of methionine. Adisseo employs 1,300 people, has three research labs and five production facilities: Commentry, Les Roches, Roussillon (France), Burgos (Spain) and Institute (West Virginia, United States). In 2010, the Group’s sales figure reached more than 1 billion Euros. Since January 2006, Adisseo is one of the main subsidiaries of China National BlueStar, a major player in the Chinese industry with 26,500 employees and 5.2 billion Euros in sales in 2010.

About Innov’ia:

Innov’ia is one of the European leaders in the design and toll manufacturing of powders and granules for the food and feed industry, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and fine chemical sectors. Unlike most other players in the sector, Innov’ia has the ability to develop new products in a very short time, while being able to manufacture them almost immediately on an industrial scale. Innov’ia has, with its subsidiaries, more than 500 listed customers for more than 650 new products launched on the market. Innov’ia has, with its subsidiaries, three production sites, 110 employees and a research and development center which allows galenic developments. The company has, with its subsidiaries, quadrupled in size since 2000 to achieve a consolidated turnover of approximately 16 million Euros in 2010, which is currently divided among the food and feed industry (77%), the pharmaceutical industry (6%), specialty chemicals (10%) and cosmetics (7%). Innov’ia is one of the 40 companies certified by OSEO as a recognized contracted research company, and it also qualifies as an Entreprise Innovante which makes it eligible for Mutual Funds for Innovation (FCPI) status.