The Great American Milk Drive makes a pit-stop at Indy 500Ice cream, chocolate milk and tres leches cake, all sound pretty good, right? All of these sweet treats have one thing in common, ding ding ding! Milk.

What many Americans might be surprised to find is that milk is one of the most requested items in food banks nationwide. Although it is requested, it often times doesn’t get there because of a lack of donations.

In order to meet the need, many American milk companies and dairy farmers are teaming up with the American Dairy Association of Indiana to create the aptly named, Great American Milk Drive. This program is the first of its kind, helping deliver nutritious and delicious milk to families in need.

With the Indy 500 this weekend, what better place to make a pit stop for the Drive? The Great American Milk Drive will visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the 40th annual Fastest Rookie of the Year Awards. The event will play host to over 300 guests, including first-year competitors and Indiana dairy reps, in an attempt to increase awareness of the milk shortage throughout food banks in the state of Indiana.

Indiana is not the only state effected by food scarcity, American’s have seen an economic lull in the past ten years, placing more financial stress on families nationwide. According to MilkPEP, compared to four years ago, one million more people are seeking emergency food assistance from the Feeding America network each week.

Feeding America is a hunger-relief program committed to solving this crisis. The program has a network of 200 member food banks, supplying 3 billion pounds of food and grocery products annually. To learn more ways to donate and help feed America visit Feeding America’s- Ways to give section.

So far Feeding America and The Great American Milk Drive have donated over 44,000 gallons of milk across the county. From now until May 25th the program will match every donation, “gallon-for-gallon!”

Source: MilkPEP