The North Carolina Senate is tasting sweet, well milky, victory this morning. They came out victorious by a mere second over the N.C. House members in the 15th Annual North Carolina Dairy Chugging Contest. Although the senators themselves were unable to participate, becuase they are not in session, that didn’t stop them from sending in two interns and a research assistant to take care of the job.

Each team consisted of three members that were required to 'chug' two 8-ounce bottles of 2% milk.

The House All Stars included Rep. Nathan Ramsey, Rep. Johnathan Jordan and Rep. John Bell. Bringing home the W for the Senate Super Sippers was intern K.J. Stancil, who ultimately won in the final moments of the chug, along with his counterparts Kyle Hall for Sen. Neal Hunt and Ross Barnhardt for Sen. Andrews.