Jimmy Franks and his family aren’t ones to give up easily, even as a tornado ripped through their dairy earlier this week. Buildings were destroyed, debris scattered for miles, and cows trapped.

According to a report by The Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle, Franks was on the way home when the tornado struck the family’s dairy, Southern Swiss Dairy, LLC, near Waynesboro, Ga. After confirming that his family was safe, Franks surveyed his property.

Something was missing.

“I think the free-stall barn is gone,” Franks relayed to his wife.

The barn had collapsed, trapping nearly 30 of his cows inside. The family combed through the wreckage together in the dark to save the animals.

“It was a stupid thing for us to do for our safety, but they were our babies,” Ginny Franks said.

Despite their efforts, two animals had to be euthanized due to their injuries. Click on the slideshow above to see the damage.

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News Channel 6 reports that despite the grim reminder of Mother Nature’s destructive power, Franks refuses to wave his white flag.

"I guess bad luck, its part of life, gotta deal with it and move on, can't quit," Franks said.

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Since the tornado, there has been on outpouring of support for the dairy. On the dairy’s Facebook page, fans have expressed their support for the farm.

GA Milk Producers, Inc. has also set up a donation collection on the Franks’ behalf.