A dairy near Salix, Iowa, is left picking up the pieces after being in the direct path of a tornado last week.

Tornado plows through Iowa dairyAccording to the Sioux City Journal, the tornado bypassed major cities and took aim at rural communities.  Lee Blanchard, fire chief in Sloan, Iowa, reported that the storm flipped over irrigation units and flattened corn fields.

However, in nearby Salix, the worst of the damage was found at Sioux Jerseys Dairy.

The dairy received heavy structural damage and a propane leak.  Click here to read more. 

According KTIV News, a little help from the dairy’s friends goes a long way.

"Oh it's unbelievable. That's the part that chokes you up. It's been really good," Brian Smits, General Manager of Sioux Jersey's Dairy said.

The crew at the dairy is taking it one day at a time, but the group of volunteers helping to clear debris is making a huge impact.

Though initial reports indicated that no cows were killed in the tornado, the dairy reports that one of their 4,200-head herd died in the storm.

"We had a few that had some debris in them, had some cuts and whatever and needed some care, and we're taking care of that. But it's just flat out amazing that there were so few animals injured," Smits said.

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The storms were just part of a system that wreaked havoc across the Plains. In South Dakota, the storm brought one of the worst blizzards in the state’s history with up to three and half feet of wet, heavy snow reported.

Reports of hundreds of head of livestock lost in the snow are beginning to come in, with some estimating up to 60,000 cattle lost in the storm.