What do firefighting and dairy farming have in common?

According to local dairy farmer Bob Keefer and Shippensburg (Pa.) Borough Fire Chief Randy O’Donnell, the two have more in common than most people think.

According The Cumberland County (Pa.) Sentinel, the two men swapped roles as part of the Farm City Job Exchange. As it turns out, both jobs aren’t so different after all.    

O’Donnell, who spent the day on Keefer’s dairy last month, found that both jobs are 24/7 commitments, requiring good management skills.

“The technology changes all the time,” he said. “There’s a lot of on-the-job training — it was a good eye-opening experience for both of us.”

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Management and commitment weren’t the only things that the two careers have in common, The Shippensburg News-Chronicle reports in an article here.

After O’Donnell explained that the volunteer fire companies protect about 107 square miles and their secondary response area expanded even further, Keefer joked, “so, you’re not paid either?”